We are a small family owned business run by a husband and wife team in downtown Hampton, New Hampshire. We opened our doors on April 17th, 2019 with a mission to give back to the seacoast community and New England as a whole.

A driving force behind our business is sustainability.

The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to the carbon emissions year after year. Fast Fashion pushes constantly changing trends and low quality products that are not built to last. 


Our goal is to offer durable, comfortable, high quality products that we believe in at price points that fit everyone's budget.

We care about sourcing our product ethically.

As a small business we are often asked where our products are made. We are extremely transparent about the fact that we work with American companies who largely manufacture their goods outside of the US. 

We would love to sell only Made in America products, and we would be even more thrilled to sell our own designs for apparel and gifts, but we also want to keep our store front accessible to everyone in our community no matter what their financial situation is.

We started from nothing, with nothing...

We started Wicked Flannel with very little to our name. Ben was awaiting an amputation, Molly was dealing with medical complications, and they were both unsure of what the future would hold.

Without an enormous budget, we were unable to even dream of working with a local cut and sew to produce our own small batch flannels and sell them at reasonable prices.

We started with liquidation apparel, buying up damaged flannels from large companies before they threw them away, and printing our own t-shirt and sweatshirt designs. 

We kept the liquidation products at reasonable prices, fixed up the damaged flannels by hand and sold them at low prices, and printed our own t-shirts and sweatshirts in small batches.

It was a modest start, but it worked...

Our first 6 months were tough, but we slowly found our footing and began moving from liquidation to wholesale. When we began wholesaling apparel we set some standards for ourselves. We still did not have deep enough pockets to buy large quantities from companies who manufacture in the USA, so we began with American companies who manufacture outside of the US.

We currently only work with American companies who have a strict code of ethics for manufacturing their goods. You can be sure that every product in our store was sourced ethically regardless of where it was made.

We still have plenty of growing and improving to do.

We have changed a lot in our first 2 years of business, but we still haven't reached our goals. 

Our next goal is to begin our first production run with an American Cut and sew located right here in New England. Every like, share, and purchase helps us get a little closer to achieving that dream.

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