A Long, Long time ago...

It was 2017, the winter was cold, Molly and Ben were searching the web for something, anything, to keep them warm through a long winter night in the city of Portsmouth. They needed something that would aid them in their perilous walk from the whale wall parking lot to Market Square. They knew that a flannel was the answer! As their search began they found many options; pillow lined, sherpa lined, un-lined, cotton, polyester, zippers, hoods, buttons, short sleeves, long sleeves, and colors aplenty. But none would due. Each time they thought they found “The One”, something just wasn’t quite right. This one was too puffy, that one was too ugly, another seemed perfect… but they fainted upon first glance at the price.


The search was on, and it was quite the race. Time was fleeting, and a fun night on the town was now at risk. 


“This effort is futile” exclaimed Molly

“We cannot give up” Ben cried

And that's when a miraculous discovery changed everything in an instant.

It was beautiful and glowing, a discovery so profound. Upon the computer screen were flannels abound...

Flannels of every style and size were there on the screen. They scrolled through the web page and, much to their surprise, there were dozens and dozens of flannels from quality brands. A red one, a blue one, a hooded one with the sherpa line… and all being sold in bulk, at prices unbelievable prices!

Despite the treasure sitting on the screen before them, they still felt defeated. Unfortunately this website was for wholesalers, of which Molly and Ben were not. They had lost this battle against the cold, but the war was just beginning and now they had new ammo. 

Innovation is the result of necessity…

This is the story of how we first began buying liquidations of high end flannels from brand name companies and selling them at bargain prices. Shortly after stumbling upon a bulk liquidation website Ben and Molly began dreaming. After a few months of dreaming, they began planning and then strategizing, and so, Wicked Flannel was born. 


They created and LLC and bought their first shipment of flannels with the intent of selling entirely online. They spent the entire summer following creating a website, repairing damaged flannels, and organizing their business. They originally intended to launch the website in the fall of 2019, but then fate knocked on their door one more time. A store-front in the center of Hampton became vacant. Molly and Ben were enamoured with the idea of contributing to a town that had done in incredible amount of them in recent years following a traumatic accident. Without truly thinking it through, they leased the store-front, secured a larger start-up loan, and expanded their business concept.

Who says you need to choose between fashion and comfort?

Just because the weather in New England can be wicked rough, doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. We use to carry only liquidation flannels, but as we have grown we have created relationships with suppliers who help us acquire high quality flannels at reasonable prices. We specialize in what we like to call “Comfort Chic”. We want your clothing to not only look good, but we  also want it to feel good and last for a very long time. Every item in our store is evaluated based on material quality, comfort level, quality after multiple washes, wearability, and style. You can be sure that anything you purchase from Wicked Flannel will be your new go-to for days when you want to be cute and comfortable.

We are more than just flannels!

As a result of our passion for where we live we now carry a whole lot more than flannels. Step into our store and find New England inspired gifts, sleepwear, kitchenware, tshirts, hats, and more! Every item we carry has been hand curated to reflect the amazing people who make up New England.

Wicked Flannel

457 Lafayette Road - Hampton, NH

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